Current Qualifying Courses

All courses are two day practical courses with a two week interval between the two days.  This is in order to practise the course content, which has been learned on the first day.  The current programme of mobilisation and manipulation courses includes:

Part 1 - The Foot to the Knee 

Part 2 - The Hip to the First Lumbar Vertebra

Part 3 - The Thoracic Spine

Part 4 -  The Upper Limb

Part 5 - The Cranium

Part 6 - The Cervical Spine                                                              

The above courses must be done in sequence.  All graduates must obtain professional malpractice insurance cover before using the techniques for musculoskeletal adjustment.

To obtain a prospectus or an application form,   please email - 


Venues and Course Dates

Part 1 courses are being held at Holcot, nr Northampton in June, July, October and November this year.  Participants need to have paid the appropriate fee and submitted an application form to attend.



Bretts Procedure workshops are designed to introduce Master Bonesetter Tom Brett's  method of releasing spinal facet joint fixation from Cervical 2 to Cervical 7. No adverse episodes have been reported by users of this procedure.

Please note  Brett's Procedure  is included in Part 6 of the series of whole body manipulation courses.


Brett's Procedure  is a unique way to adjust the posterior joints of the cervical spine without the use of force.  The patient simply relaxes in a controlled manner.  The Part 6 course is the only course, where this is taught.  Graduates of suitable disciplines may apply to use the procedure.  Strict licensing rules apply.